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CamFi – Wireless Camera Controller Review


If you are looking for a smart choice for controlling a camera, CamFi is the best choice. It is a small device for wireless camera controlling power. It is easy to use, connect to your camera and control using your smartphone. Let’s go for a complete CamFi review.


It is a small device, and easy to understand. You will get two cable connection port on the device. There is a switch for easy on/off the device. On the other side, you will get a battery indicator. It will show how much battery left in the wireless camera controller. It comes with an 1800 mA battery for longtime support.

The App

You will get an app with the CamFi. You need to install on your smartphone and turn-on Camera Wi-Fi hotspot to connect. It will give access to the entire camera setting. As a result, you can change the camera settings using your smartphone app.

Easy to download & share

You can use the mobile app to download the raw picture and save to your smartphone. Then, edit the photo to share with your friends!


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • It will help to give live view faster than other controllers
  • It offers to download raw file and edit the file for sharing
  • The support is fast to any question
  • It is easy to get future updates on the software


  • If the distance is long, it is hard to get the connection
  • It is not possible to download the JPEG files

CamFi is the best wireless camera controller. It is useful for the professional photographers and adventure loving people. Now you don’t need to depend on others. Just use the smartphone and navigate to the settings to control the camera and capture the best moments of your life.


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iPhoneography: Best way to take Stunning picture with iPhone


The iPhoneography is the term for capturing photos with an iPhone where the images are shot and proceed on the iOS device. The iPhoneography name is used for the iPhone users to take stunning pictures.

The primary task of the iPhoneography is to take pictures with iPhone, process the photo and share with your friends. Recently, the term has become famous for making, editing and preparing the images.

If you want to take better photos with iPhone, you need to use iPhoneography. It will help to capture the best picture than a DSLR. It will give you an easy way to process the photo. It is more likely to edit the photo using apps.

The central concept to use any of the best camera apps from Apple Store. You can take the pictures using the mobile app. It will help to edit the photo correctly and professionally.

VSCO photography app is a favorite iOS mobile app for capturing photo and editing it. You can take the picture using the app, edit using the features and share the view. It will always help to select and show creativity. However, you will need to know the app accurately before you use it. Otherwise, you can’t edit the picture properly like a professional photographer.

It is essential to use the features of an app to capture stunning pictures. IPhoneography will surely give you a good picture capturing method. Therefore, you need to use it properly to get the best picture. Try and get the best from the captured image!





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