My passion is to find simplicity in all objects which I shoot. About me.


  • Minimalist ring photography


Most of us like to search something real in our lives. Like some people trying to find happinessĀ in travels or sports, while others trying to earn as much money they can to just have that nice number on their credit card account…

It does not matter what do you think is a real point in your life, you just know that it is yours.

Mine is photography. I can add myself to photography philosophers list. A real taste of life which I can feel through photography is amazing. I see objects from the different perspective and trying to take the most from it just by finding the right part on it.


Nowadays, when our world is so digital I always say that for us artists are unique works and our privacy is going step by step. Read more aboutĀ how to setup a vpn windows 10 to have a better know what kind of threats artists can have in the digital era and how to protect yourself.